Wepwawet – Statue and Coin

The Egyptian deity Wepwawet has been slowly entering my consciousness for some time now. Which is totally unlooked for and somewhat curious. Curious, I say, because his totem animal is the jackal or wolf, a dog like creature, similar to that of Anubis. I don’t particularly like dogs. I am much more of a cat person, or even a crocodile person. Now for the second time a deity with canine associations has made itself present in my awareness. The first was Hekate, about three years ago. Hekate’s epiphany was vivid, startling, revealing, and totally unexpected. Wepwawet’s approach has been subtle, quiet, like someone softly saying “hello”. So, a new experience. I decided that it would be nice to have an image of Wepwawet. No one makes statues of Wepwawet. There are lots and lots of statues of Anubis available today, but nothing for Wepwawet. Then I discovered something interesting. Egyptian statues and paintings of Anubis always show him as black, but  images of Wepwawet show him as brown, gray, or white. This has led scholars to suggest that the original totem animal of Wepwawet was a wolf. The principal cult center of Wepwawet was a place called Zawty (modern Asyut), which the Greeks called Lycopolis, City of the Wolf.  Images of Anubis and Wepwawet as a jackal headed man are more or less identical, except for the color and any accompanying inscriptions. A catalog came in the mail, and there it was – a white statue of Anubis. Although described as Anubis, the statue is very clearly suitable as an image of Wepwawet. So I sent away for it and it was delivered to my home five days later. I gave it to Wepwawet and I think he is pleased. The figure is 12 inches high, in ivory white color, and wears a vaguely Egyptian style tunic. The tunic is studded with little mirror insets which almost give the impression that the figure is wearing armor. A curious non Egyptian detail, but the figure looks nice. The coin design is a modern design for a coin in honor of Wepwawet. The issuance of this coin will be a future project of the Antonine Imperium, if funding should become available someday.

Hail Wepwawet! Opener of the Ways! Battle Leader! Hunter! Guardian! Guide! Helper!


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