Mystic Babblings of Doom

The singers of Null Device proclaim: “I am transcendent! I am confined!” “Time will never stay behind!” “…have all our plans been undone?”

Zeus Ammon has been withdrawn, taken away. For the moment. Has he spoken? Did anyone listen?

Athena has been withdrawn, taken away. For the moment. Where is wisdom?

Sobek roars. He shall come upon the land, devouring. For his people are not his people anymore. The faithful are gone, almost. The unfaithful swarm over the land. The ignorant wander through the shattered temples, not seeing what is in front of them. Lying babblers stand on the steps of the Parthenon in Athens, pointing. The unholy walk upon the marble steps of Rome. 

The land of the Nile totters on the brink, as do all the lands. Shall the people fall upon each other, destroying themselves? Will any survive? For behold, the foolish ones have prepared the pit of their own destruction, and they will be impaled on the stakes they have sharpened and consumed by the flames they have set. But the innocent may perish also. 

Furrows are being ploughed, seeds are being planted. Will these seeds sprout? Will they bring refreshment and renewal to this world, or will they have to revive a demolished world?

The deeps stir. Continents can be split by the stirring of the deeps. Random rocks drift through space, sometimes striking planets. These things have not happened for a long time, but they can happen again. Doom hangs by a thread. 

I stand upon the lake of becoming, upon the sea of being. What am I? What have I been? What shall I be?


Note: I am not sure what inspired this particular piece of babble. Perhaps I should reduce my intake of diet soda and sugar cookies. Hmmmm. Null Device, by the way, is a local music group here in Madison. Great music.

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