Thanksgiving Potnia Demeter

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. A day on which to be thankful for the circumstances that have resulted in good things in your life. Primarily food, perhaps, but all good things.

Potnia is a Greek word meaning “Lady” or “Mistress”. It comes from classical Greek, and from Mycenean Greek, and it might ultimately come from the lost Minoan language. It was a title given to Demeter, Persephone, and Artemis, among other goddesses.  I think that Demeter should be the presiding deity over the Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

I placed my new statue of Demeter on a pedestal next to the altar today, and I say this to the Goddess:

Potnia! Potnia! Potnia!

Potnia Demeter!

Hail and thanksgiving to Demeter, Great Goddess.

Praise to Demeter, queen of earth goddesses;  patroness of crops and cultivation; guardian of fields, groves, and gardens, mistress of the growing earth; lady of the grains.

Accept our praise, Great Goddess Demeter, and our thanks for the food which sustains us, and may you grant us abundance.

Praise the Goddess, Potnia Demeter.

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