Statues for Flora and Aphrodite


Flora with roses

Flora with roses

   Sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right image to offer to the Gods. I have been looking for a while for a statue of Aphrodite but couldn’t find anything I really liked except for a replica of the Venus Genetrix, which was “out of stock indefiinitely” at the shops to which I made inquiries. I was also looking for a statue of Flora, but the only two statues that I found that were identified as Flora were not at all suitable.

Then, quite by chance, I came across the two figurines shown here. They were identified as spirits of spring flowers, or fairies of spring. I looked at the pictures for a while and then decided that I had made a discovery. The figure with the roses would make a fine image of Flora, and after some consideration I thought that the figure with the lilies would be appropriate for Aphrodite. I don’t think that there are any ancient references that particularly associate Aphrodite with lilies, but now she has a new title (in my devotions anyway) “Aphrodite of the Lilies”. Roses are associated with both goddesses but I chose the figure with roses for Flora. Aphrodite has not been a major figure in my circle of deities in the past but she has been gently calling herself to my attention so I thought that I should do something. Flora used to be a major focus of devotion for me but over time that relationship gradually faded away. Well, Flora is back!
The style of the figures is Art Nouveau, after designs by Mucha. Not classical GraecoRoman exactly, but very nicely done.

Aphrodite with lilies

Aphrodite with lilies

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A Hymn to Flora

This picture of the Sabine earth and flower goddess Flora started out as a line drawing from Thomas Hope’s “Costumes of the Greeks and Romans”. I made a copy of the drawing, colored it by hand, added a Grecian frame created on an Excel worksheet, and placed it in a plastic photo holder and thus made it into an icon. Thomas Hope’s book was originally published in 1812 but has been reprinted in paperback form by Dover Publications and is an excellent source for traditional illustrations of the Gods.

The Coming of Flora

Behold, Flora comes, the goddess of a thousand flowers, lady of a thousand blossoms.

Crocus and hyacinth spring forth at each step.

Her radiance is like a sunflower.

Like golden yellow marigolds and chrysanthemums shining in the sun.

Her touch is like the coolness of peony petals and tulips.

She brings the fragrance of violet and rose.

Of lilac, lavender, and lily.

She dances in the dark greenness of the forest and woodland depths

And in the bright sunlight of flower filled meadows.

She is the goddess of all flowers.

She causes all things to grow, and blossom, and flourish.

The goddess comes, Flora, dressed in garlands of a thousand flowers.

Celebrate spring, the season of flowers, the season of growth and new beginnings.

Decorate your home and altar with flowers and garlands.

Burn floral scented candles and incense.

Wear a floral crown, and adorn your body with scented oils and colored robes.

Dance and make love in the cool darkness of spring nights,

And in the sparkling sunshine of spring days.

Crocus and lily

Narcissus and hyacinth

Iris and daisy

Oleander and myrtle

Violets and roses

Green leaves and pink petals against ivory skin

White and gold against bronze

Flora, great one!

She comes!

She is here!

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