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Someone on the Ekklesia Antinoou yahoo group recently discovered an interesting blog with a pile of fascinating pictures. Interesting people in fabulous Roman reconstructionist costumes. Visit this site:

The site is in French, which I can not read, so I don’t know exactly what it says. The site seems to be devoted to the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Most of the pictures seem to be about a Roman reenactment legion’s activies in Arles. This is how to do it, people, if you want to dress up like in olden times.

My own attempts at Imperial regalia are rather modest in comparison. The picture shown  here is from five years ago, and I don’t even have all of the costume anymore. Humphh. I am beginning to feel more and more very late Byzantine – hiding in my decaying palace with the barbarians at the gates.


Q Poppaeus Sabinus

Q Poppaeus Sabinus at Pantheacon 2007


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