Books: Roman and Imperial Studies

Roman Religion – Introductory

Roman Religion, by Valerie M. Warrior. Cambridge University Press, 2006, 165 pages, illustrated. The Gods and their Worship; Divination, Prayer, and Sacrifice; Religion and the Family; Religion and the State; Religion and War; The Calendar, Festivals, and Games; Official attitudes toward Foreign Cults; Magic and the Occult; Becoming a God; The Jews and Christianity.

An Introduction to Roman Religion, by John Scheid. Indiana University Press, 2003, 232 pages, illustrated. Problems and problematics; Definitions, concepts, difficulties; Ritual and its formulations; The division of time: calendars, rituals, regular festivals; The division of space: temples, sanctuaries and other sacred places; Sacrifice; Auspices and rituals of divination; Priestly figures; The double life of the Roman gods; Interpretations of Roman religion.

The Gods of Ancient Rome: Religion in Everyday Life from Archaic to Imperial Tmes, by Robert Turcan. Routledge, 2000, 180 pages. Introduction; Religions of the family and the land; Religions of the city; Religions of the Empire; Conclusion.

Religion of the Romans, by Jorg Rupke. Polity Press, 2007, 350 pages, illustrated. Religion in the Ancient World; From the She-Wolf to Caesar: Historical Foundations; Gods and Men; Religious Action; Thinking about Religion; Social Rules: Sacrifice and Feasting; Managing Lines of Communication: Vows and Curses; Control of Space: Communication and Boundaries; Co-ordination: Time and the Calendar; Religion in the Metropolis; Specialists and Professionals; From Caesar to the Lamb: Historical Perspectives.

Religion in the Roman Empire, by James B. Rives. Blackwell Publishing, 2007, 237 pages, illustrated. Identifying “Religion” in the Graeco-Roman World; Regional Religious Traditions of the Empire; The Presence of the Gods; Religion and Community; Religion and Empire; Religious Options; Roman Religious Policy; Religious Change in the Roman Empire.

The Cults of the Roman Empire, by Robert Turcan. Blackwell Publishing, 1996, 399 pages, illustrated. Introduction; The Great Mother and her Eunuchs; Isis of the Many Names; The Orontes Pouring into the Tiber; Beneath the Rocks of the Persian Cavern; Horsemen, Mothers and Serpents; Occultism and Theosophy; Dionysus and Sabazius; Epilogue.

Roman Religion – Advanced Studies

Roman Religion A Sourcebook, by Valerie M. Warrior. Focus Publishing, 2002, 213 pages, illustrated. Translations of ancient texts.

Religions of Rome: Volume I, A History, by Mary Beard, John North, and Simon Price. Cambridge University Press, 1998, 454 pages, illustrated. Early Rome; Imperial triumph and religious change; Religion in the late Republic; The place of religion: Rome in the early Empire; The boundaries of Roman religion; The religions of imperial Rome; Roman religion and Roman Empire; Roman religion and Christian emperors.

Religions of Rome Volume 2, A Sourcebook, by Mary Beard, John North, and Simon Price. Cambridge University Press, 1998, 416 pages, illustrated. Translations of ancient texts.

A Companion to Roman Religion, edited by Jorg Rupke. Wiley – Blackwell, 2007, 542 pages, illustrated. A collection of 31 articles by various authors divided into these general categories: Changes, Media, Symbols and Practices, Actors and Actions, Different Religious Identities, Roman Religion Outside and Seen from Outside.

Emperor Worship and Roman Religion, by Ittai Gradel. Clarendon Press (Oxford), 2002, 408 pages, illustrated. Introduction, Before the Caesars, Caesar’s Divine Honors, Beyond Rome, The Augustan Settlement, The Augustan Heritage and Mad Emperors, The Emperor’s Genius in State Cult, In Every House, Corporate Worship, Numen Augustum, A Parallel C. Manlius, Heavenly Honors Decreed by the Senate.

Rituals and Power: The Roman Imperial Cult in Asia Minor, by S. R. F. Price. Cambridge University Press, 1984, 289 pages, illustrated. Hellenistic cities and their rulers, Greeks and Rome, Distribution and culture, Festivals and cities, Architecture, Images, Sacrifices, Rituals, politics and power.

The Architecture of Roman Temples, from the Republic to the Middle Empire, by John W. Stamper. Cambridge University Press, 287 pages, illustrations and plans. Featured temples include those dedicated to Jupiter Capitolinus, Saturn, Castor and Pollux, Mater Matuta, Fortuna, temples in the Largo Argentina, temples in the Forum Boarium, Portunus, Hercules, Vesta, Venus, Julius Caesar, Mars Ultor, Concordia, Peace, Minerva, Apollo, Vespasian, the Pantheon, Venus and Roma, Antoninus Pius, and others.

The Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic, by William Warde Fowler. Reprint of 1899 edition, 373 pages. An older book, but still useful

Festivals and Ceremonies of the Roman Republic, by H. H. Scullard. Cornell University Press, 1981, 288 pages, illustrated. More recent scholarship than the book by Fowler.

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