Books: Graeco-Roman and Other Resources

An enormous number of books have been written about ancient Greece and Rome. New books constantly appear and old books are frequently reprinted. Some books are very good and some books are very bad. Generally speaking, books recently published by university presses are the most reliable in terms of accuracy and completeness of information, but some old books still have considerable value. There are a number of websites on the Internet about Greece and Rome, and the modern practice of the old Pagan religions. Again, some are good and some are bad. Websites disappear without notice with some frequency. Printed books and scholarly journals are a more reliable source of information. Some books are listed here, and more detailed listings can be found on the “Book” pages in the right hand column.

We highly recommend for reviews of books about all aspects of ancient Rome.

The Oxford Classical Dictionary, edited by Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth. Oxford University Press, 2003 revised edition, 1640 pages. An invaluable reference, an essential guide, we consider this to be the best one volume resource on Greece and Rome.

Furio Durando. Books edited or written by Furio Durando are highly desirable, if you are looking for pictorial sources. Durando’s books are picture books of art and archaeology with minimal text. Photographs of the highest quality with brief but reasonable commentary, and moderately priced (usually!).

Peter Connolly. Peter Connolly is an artist specializing in reconstructed scenes of life in ancient times. If you want to know what Greek and Roman towns, buildings, and people actually looked like, his books are a good source. Texts are usually brief, elementary, and sometimes intended for educated children, but the illustrations are very good.

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