Notitia Dignitatum

This is a list of the magistrates and officials of the Antonine Imperium that have been authorized by the Constitution and by the various Laws that have been enacted. It is also an outline of the structure of the State. The magistrates and institutions of the State are listed in descending order, from highest to lowest authority.

Major Magistrates


Acting Head of State, a temporary position to be held until an Emperor or Consul is appointed.

Emperor, head of state, two positions to be held for life or until resignation.

Senate, membership limited to 2,000 persons, lifetime membership. The Senate may choose a Princeps Senatus as its leader. The Senate is the principal legislative, judicial, and executive body of the state.

Collegium Sacrum Culti Deorum, the Sacred College of the Cults of the Gods. Equal in rank to the Senate, but its authority applies only to the state religion. Membership not yet defined.

Consul, executive head of state, two positions. 

Praetors, twelve positions, the Praetor Urbanus administers civil and domestic law within Antoninia and the Praetor Peregrinus administers foreign law and diplomacy. The other ten Praetors are lower in rank. Their specific responsibilities have not yet been defined.

Censors, two positions, responsible for maintaining citizen and governmental records.

Prefects, any number of positions, responsibilities as defined by law. Positions have been defined for two Prefects of the Imperial Mints and one for the Senatorial Mint.

Regional Administrators, any number of positions, the authority of Regional Administrators is strictly limited to the regions to which the Administrators have been assigned. These are the relative rankings of Regional Administrators from highest to lowest:

Praefectus Imperialis for a Prefecture.

Vicarius Imperialis for a Diocese.

Proconsul for a Consular province.

Propraetor for a Praetorian province.

Praesides (President) for an ordinary province.

Curator (Curate) for a city, district, or area.

Decurio (Decurion) for a city, district, or area.

Curial for a city, district, or area.

Minor Magistrates 

These are the Minor Magistrates, listed from highest to lowest. There may be any number of Minor Magistrates.







Current Officials


Quintus Poppaeus Sabinus holds the positions of Emperor and Consul. There are no other officials in office at the present time.


Quintus Poppaeus Sabinus in attendance at Pantheacon in San Jose, California, in February 2007 ce.

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