The Antonine Imperium invites all interested persons to join the Empire as citizen members. Citizens do not have to adhere to any particular religion or philosophy, or to have any kind of religious beliefs or practices, but citizens must accept the idea that the purpose of Antoninia is to support Classical Paganism. Prospective citizens must be 18 years of age or older. Currently it is our custom to send new citizens a printed certificate affirming their citizenship and a selection of Antonine coins. Citizenship in Antoninia is free, there are no membership fees or taxes or required contributions. Citizenship can not be sold. 

If you are interested in becoming a citizen of Antoninia, please read these items: Law 275501 Regarding Citizenship  and  Law 275802 Citizen Classes  Also read the Antonine Constitution , especially Article IV Section B on the rights and responsibilites of citizens.

If you wish to apply for citizenship in Antoninia, please provide us with the following information:

Name, Complete Mailing Address, Date of Birth, Sex (male or female), primary Citizenship (United States or whatever country it happens to be), and your choice of citizenship class ( Honestiores or Socius). We need this information to verify your existence as a real person. We are not interested in dealing with Internet role players with fake identities. Mailing addresses are confidential and are never revealed. 

Optional information:

Email contact, an email address is highly recommended.

New Antonine name, yes! you may adopt a new name as your name within Antoninia. Visit the Law Regarding Citizenship listed above for details.

Passport type photograph, if you want to have your noble image shown on our Citizens Page.

You may send this information in an email to:

or you may send a letter with the information to:

 Antonine Imperium, PO Box 5451, Madison, WI   53705

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