Constitution and Laws

The Constitution and Laws of the Antonine Imperium create the structure of the state and provide basic guidelines for its activities. The Constitution establishes purpose and intention, and the basic structure of the organization. The Laws expand upon the basic parameters of the Constitution and provide more detailed guidelines for the operation of the organization.

Antonine Constitution The current text of the Constitution, revised to include all amendments.

Law Regarding Citizenship 275501

Law 275603 Official Calendar of Antoninia

Law 275502 Regarding Diplomacy

Law 275602 Re National Symbols 275602

Law 275703 Amendment An amendment to the Constitution that reinforces the position of Classical Paganism as the state religion, and that requires that Imperial amendments to the Constitution be approved by the Senate.

Law 275704 Regarding An Oath of Office

Law 275705 Regarding Vetoes

Law 275706 Amendment An amendment to the Constitution that provides for the transfer of power from the Emperor to the Senate, and that establishes the Collegium Sacrum Cultus Deorum as the governing authority of the state religion. 

Law 275801 Amendment  Am amendment to the Constitution that clarifies the language regarding the purpose of Antoninia and that emphasizes the religious nature of the state.

Law 275802 Citizen Classes Establishes two classes of citizenship within Antoninia: the Honestiores and the Socius.

Law 275803 Identity Documents Provides for the issuance of identity documents for Antonine citizens, including passports.

Law 275804 Re Citizen Status of Minors

Law 275805 Establishing Censors Creates two governmental positions for Censors.

Law 275806 Regarding Coinage Authorizes and sets standards for the issuance of coins, medallions, and stamps.

Law 275807 Assumption of Imperial Consular Positions Quintus Poppaeus Sabinus, the founder of Antoninia, assumes the positions of Emperor and Consul.

Law 275901 Amend Identity Docs

Law 275902 Revocation of Certain Laws

Law 276101Assumption of Consular Position Quintus Poppaeus Sabinus assumes his second Consulship.

Law 276102 Amend Identity Docs

Law 276201Amend Citizenship

Law 276202 Regarding Regions Provides guidelines for creating administrative geographical regions and positions for the administrators of those regions.

Law 276301Assumption of Consular Position Quintus Poppaeus Sabinus assumes his third Consulship.

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