Antonine Diplomacy

Antoninia, the Antonine Imperium, may form diplomatic relationships with other sovereign states and entities.

States with which Antoninia may engage in diplomatic relationships have been classified into two categories. Category 1 states are states and state like organizations that claim some degree of sovereignty and independence, but which have generally not been recognized or accepted as sovereign and independent by the major states of the international community. Category 2 states are states and state like organizations that have been recognized and accepted by the major states of the international community. The distinction between Category 1 states and Category 2 states is somewhat subjective and situational, and is not of primary importance.

An example of a small Category 1 state would be the Principality of Seborga, which has legitimate claims to sovereignty and a history that reaches back a number of centuries. Antoninia is a Category 1 state. Small states that fall within Category 2 would be the Principality of Monaco, the Republic of San Marino, the Vatican City State, and the Knights of Malta. 

Three levels of diplomatic relationship have been defined. Level 1 diplomacy consists of a mutual exchange of diplomatic recognition between Antoninia and another state. Level 2 diplomacy consists of full diplomatic relations between Antoninia and another state, including the appointment of ambassodors and other representatives and agents. Level 3 diplomacy consists of full diplomatic relations between Antoninia and another state that include formal treaties and agreements.

Recreational societies and role playing groups are not eligible for diplomatic relationships with Antoninia. An example of a role playing group would be the group calling itself Nova Roma.

The text of the Law Regarding Diplomacy can be found here: Law 275502 Regarding Diplomacy 

Antoninia does maintain any diplomatic relationships with any other states at the present time. A formal letter announcing Antoninia’s existence was sent to the Vatican City State in October, 2007. The text of this document can be viewed here: Vatican Letter 1

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