Ianus Coin

Ianus coin obverse design

Ianus coin obverse


Ianus coin reverse design

Ianus coin reverse

Ianus coin photograph

Ianus coin photograph


Coin in honor of the Roman god Ianus, issued by the Antonine Imperium.

Denomination: AS.

Face value in US dollars: $.625 (62 and one half cents)

Issued in an edition of 1,500 coins in August 2758 AUC (2005 ce). Diameter 1.12″ or 28 mm, thickness 3/32″ or 2 mm. Brass with an antique bronze finish. Designed by John H. Carson. Minted by Quality Challenge Coins Inc., Harrisburg,  PA,  USA. 

Obverse: Double headed portrait of Ianus, the Roman god of beginnings,who sees past, present, and future possibilities. Inscription: REDITUS CULTUS DEORUM – Return of the Cult of the Gods; REDITUS PACIS DEORUM – Return of the Peace of the Gods.

Reverse: Imperial starburst and wreath. The starburst is derived from the sunburst design used by the dynasty of Alexander the Great. It is used here as a symbol of the explosive creativeness of ancient Greek civilization. The enclosing wreath symbolizes the protective law and order of the Roman Empire. Inscription: AS, the name of the denomination; MMDCCLVIII AUC, the year of minting, 2758 ab urbe condita, or the 2,758th year of the City of Rome; IMPERIUM ANTONINIAE, the Empire of Antoninia.

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