Hekate Coin

Hekate coin obverse design

Hekate coin reverse design

Hekate coin photograph


Coin in honor of Hekate, issued by the Antonine Imperium.

Denomination: SESTERTIUS. Face value in US dollars: $2.50

Issued in an edition of 1,500 coins in November, 2759 AUC (2006 ce). Diameter 1.25″ or 32mm. thickness 3/32″ or 2 mm. Brass with an antique bronze finish. Designed by John H. Carlson. Minted by Quality Challenge Coins Inc, Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Obverse design: Triple portrait of Hekate. Inscription: HEKATE SOTEIRA, Hekate the Saviour.

Reverse design: Three torches that represent the three realms in which Hekate holds power: heaven, sea, and earth. Hekate lights the path between the realms. A lunar crescent above, because Hekate is associated with the moon. A key below, because Hekate holds the key between the realms. Inscription: SESTERTIUS, name of the denomination; MMDCCLVIX AUC, the year of minting, 2759 ab urbe condita, the 2,759th year of the City of Rome; IMPERIUM ANTONINIAE, the Empire of Antoninia.

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