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Ianus coin photograph

Ianus coin photograph

The Antonine Imperium has issued two coins, a coin in honor of the Roman god Ianus and a coin in honor of the Greek goddess Hekate. Visit the specific coin pages listed in the lower right column for more information about these coins. The actual coins are also shown on this page. 

Coins may be purchased. The Ianus coin is $2.00 and the Hekate coin is $3.00, postage and handling included. Payment for coins must be in United States dollars, and may be in cash, check, or money order, payable to John Carlson. We can not accept payment via charge card, Paypal, or any other electronic method. We are not a business. Coins will not be shipped until payment has been received and checks have cleared. 

Hekate coin photograph

Inquiries about purchasing coins may be directed to:

or you may write to us at:

Antonine Imperium   PO Box 5451   Madison  WI  53705

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