Imperium Antoniniae


The Empire of Antoninia

The Antonine Imperium is a religious and cultural organization dedicated to supporting the revival and restoration of Classical Paganism. The term Classical Paganism refers to the many and varied polytheistic religions and cults of ancient Greece and Italy. We want to revive the ancient festivals and ceremonies , and to rebuild the temples of the Immortal Gods. We want to restore the fabric and substance of classical Greek and Roman Paganism in all of its diversity and variety, in both form and spirit, to the extent that this is possible and appropriate.


Antoninia is primarily inspired by the rich and varied culture of the Hellenistic Greek and Roman Imperial eras, but the entire period from the early days of the Mycenean heroic age in 1600 bce to the last days of the pagan Roman Empire in 500 ce is included within our area of interest.


Antoninia is designed in the form of a sovereign entity, with an organizational structure based on selected elements of the Roman Imperial administration. It was originally founded on November 26, 1999 ce under the names of Imperium Novum and Imperium Romanum Hellenicum – the New Empire and the Roman Hellenic Empire. It was reorganized on March 21, 2001 ce when the name Antoninia was adopted, and reorganized again on April 21, 2002 ce. The name Antoninia refers to the Antonine emperors of ancient Rome, who presided over one of the high points of ancient Western civilization.


The New Empire of Antoninia is intended to be an empire of culture and spirit, of religion and art, of thought and attitude, rather than an empire of land and territory. Antoninia claims the status of a sovereign and independent entity or state, but it has no territorial ambitions of any kind. We are inspired by the art, cultures, and religions of the ancient West, but we have no desire to recreate the landed territories and political ambitions of the fallen empires of the past. Although we look to the past for inspiration, we are not obliged to repeat the mistakes of the past.


Antoninia offers two classes of citizen membership: the Honestiores Class, or Honorable, for people who want to be actively involved with the organization; and the Socius Class, or Associate, for people who want a more casual relationship with the organization. Membership is free, and is open to anyone who is 18 years of age or older.


Within the United States, Antoninia operates as an unincorporated religious and cultural society. It is the intention of the organization to operate in general accordance with Federal and state laws regarding tax exempt religious and educational organizations.

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