Ownership of Antiquities

Concerning the Ownership of Antiquities

Official Policy Statement of the Antonine Imperium

Senatorial and Imperial Decree of April 19, 2765 AUC, 2012 ce

All living persons have the inherent and inalienable right to own and use objects and property, including antiquities. In recognition of this fact, the Antonine Imperium condemns without hesitation or reservation the attempts by certain organizations and governments to improperly regulate the markets in antiquities, and the attempts by these organizations to seize items of property that rightfully and lawfully belong to the persons who own them.

Antiquities can include, among other things, pottery, glassware, metal ware, tools, utensils, dishes, tiles, mosaics, objects of wood or fabric, coins, jewelry, gems, statues, sculptured reliefs, inscriptions, books, scrolls, paper items, paintings, frescoes, architectural elements, decorations, ornaments and ornamental items, religious or artistic objects of all types, and even entire buildings. These things can be owned by both individual persons and by various kinds of groups and organizations.

The Antonine Imperium does not recognize the claim of any government or organization to own cultural property merely because the property in question is of a certain age or originated in a certain geographic area, or is alleged to be of cultural importance to any particular group of people. The Antonine Imperium condemns as theft, cultural vandalism, and a denial of human rights any attempt by any government or organization to seize antiquities that properly belong to individual persons, or to restrict the ownership, use, or sale of antiquities by individual persons.

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