Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 65th birthday. I was born on this day in 1947 ce at 7:17 am. Hooray for me!

Me in 1965

Me in 1965


Me in 1984  Me in 1994

                                            Me in 1984                        Me in 1994

Me in 2004

Me in 2004

I don’t seem to have any recent pictures of myself, but I am still probably fairly recognizable as the person shown above.  Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me! I wish my income tax refund would come so I could go buy myself a present. 

Also, Happy Birthday to the Imperial woman Sabina, wife of the Emperor Hadrian. We do not actually know the date of Sabina’s birthday, but today has been assigned to her as the date of her apotheosis by the Ekklesia Antinoou. The recognition of her divine status can be regarded, in a manner of speaking, as her birthday among the Gods. Ave Sabina!

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  1. Felix natalis tibi, et multique!

    I hope to look as good as you have looked over the years–you’ve certainly got me beat by far at this point in terms of retaining the hair on your head! 😉

    I’m very thankful indeed for all that you’ve done, and all you continue to contribute to everyone who reads your blog, and who is a member of Neos Alexandria and the Ekklesía Antínoou!

    Ave Salveque Quinte Poppaee Sabine! Benedicti Antinoi omnium tibi nunc et in aeternum!

  2. Thanks. I have mixed feelings about birthdays. It’s better to have more birthdays than not to have them, I suppose, given the consequences of not having any more. But – after a while the numbers get so fargin big!

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