Private Calendars Part 2

Chaos wins and everything changes. The private liturgical calendar that I had outlined previously has come to its end. The only festival days that I have any intention of observing at the moment are March 21 for Wepwawet and April 16 for Apis. These two specific days are the recommendation of an oracle and might be one time events. Anything else I do this year might be on an entirely random basis, guided by the feel of the moment. Then again, I might have an inspiration and devise a new calendar, or revive the old one. Everything is up for grabs right now. I am adrift in a sea of chaotic ideas and possibilities, like a galactic cloud of sparkling stars in many colors. Should I follow this one, or that one?  I like the structured feel of the Roman calendar, but quite a bit of the Roman calendar is very specific to the city of Rome and to a vanished lifestyle which has little relevance to other locations or to modern life. This is even more so for the Athenian and Egyptian calendars.

I may use statues as a guide. I used to have a fabulous collection of statues, perhaps 80 or 90 pieces. This collection was disposed of a couple of years ago when I ran out of money and almost became a street person. A very close call. The only thing I kept was a replica of the Dancing Faun from the house of that name in Pompeii, which I use as a statue of Faunus. During the last several months I have started a new collection, with figures of Apis, Sobek, Sekhmet, Wepwawet,  Hermes, Pan, Hercules, Poseidon, Amphitrite, and Triton. A statue of Athena is on the way, and I am looking for a Zeus. I was just informed that a Zeus statue that I had ordered is not available until May, if then. Aargh! Back to looking, because I want something right now! So, these would be the deities around whom to design a new calendar. Maybe. I created flat icons for Hekate, Ianus, Antinous, and various associates of Antinous.

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  1. I’m a firm believer in folks coming up with their own personally meaningful festivals and calendrical observances. I think using the gods you have a relationship with (and sacred images for) as the basis of that is a very good start.

  2. Where did you get an image of Apis, out of curiosity? I know there was one I saw back in the summer, but it has since disappeared…some small French Egyptian statues that are rather cheap resin, that I think I mentioned on Neos Alexandria…They had some cool ones, and I was only able to get one at the time, but they did have Apis, and Hapi, and a number of other very uncommon ones, that were actually portrayed rather nicely…

  3. The Apis statue came from It’s a good solid figure 8.5 inches high. Designtoscano has some nice things at reasonable prices, although they also have some very ghastly tasteless stuff. My statue of Wepwawet (originally a white version of Anubis) also came from designtoscano.

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