Towards First Steps in Theology

Elemental Steps in Comprehension. Or, Building Blocks in the Development of Theology. Or, Awareness of Existence.

Part I, Awareness: I am. You are. They are. It is.

Part II, Experience: Experience begins and awareness expands. Things and events happen. Situations develop and change. Interactions occur. Knowledge is acquired.  The gods reveal themselves.

Part III, Initial Conclusions: The universe exists. The gods exist. Humans exist.

The universe is eternal. The gods are immortal. Humans possess a degree of immortality.

The universe is dangerous, but not malevolent. The universe is chaotic, changeable, uncontrolled and uncontrollable, but order and stability also exist.

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  1. I am deeply impressed. With these few words you’ve managed to say everything that needs to be said.

    • Thank you. I have a much longer work in preparation that expands upon these few words. Actually it’s done, I just have to work up the energy to type it all in. Soon. Well, it’s only 3 pages typed on regular paper, but I will admit to being a lazy (blank).

  2. […] wonderful posts recently on polytheism, cosmology and ethics – which you can find here and here – that are well worth a read. It isn’t often that I find someone whose views on these […]

  3. You’ve managed to say in a few short statements what I rambled on about for over 30,000 words in a book I’m working on…crikey!

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