Dies Natalis Antoniniae

Today, November 26, is Dies Natalis Antoniniae, the birthday of Antoninia. It was on November 26, 1999 ce, eleven years ago, that Imperium Antoniniae, the Empire of Antoninia, was originally founded as Imperium Novum, the New Empire. In those eleven years the Empire has been formally dissolved three times and then revived three times. We have had three written Constitutions and three sets of Laws to accompany those Constitutions. Its name has changed from Imperium Novum and Imperium Romanum Hellenicum to Antoninia and Imperium Antoniniae. The Empire began essentially as an exercise in theory and wishful thinking,  and in most respects it has not moved beyond the realm of theory. However, we have persisted and the Empire still exists , no matter how tenuous that existence may be at times.

We have remained dedicated to the purpose stated in our Constitution, in Article I Section B: “The purpose of Antoninia is to serve its citizens in the creation of a self ruling state organization and society inspired by the Pagan culture and civilization of ancient Greece and Italy. Antoninia shall support the reestablishment and practice of the traditional Pagan polytheistic religions of ancient Greece and Italy. Antoninia shall also support the study and preservation of ancient Greek and Italian culture, and shall support the continuing development of selected elements of ancient Greek and Italian culture.”

And as further stated in Article V Section A: “Antoninia shall support a state religion to be referred to as Classical Paganism. For the purposes of this Constitution, Classical Paganism is defined as consisting of the various polytheistic cults and religions of the ancient Greeks, Italians, and kindred peoples. The state may also extend support to other polytheistic religions of a sympathetic and compatible nature.

Antoninia shall support Classical Paganism through the establishment of institutions, temples, shrines, cultural centers, priesthoods, publications, festivals, events, and activities as circumstances permit. These things shall be done in the style and manner of ancient Greece and Italy, in so far as it is practical to do so.

Citizens are not required to take part in the activities of the state religion,but certain magistrates and officials may be required as part of their official duties to take a part in such activities.

Specific procedures and requirements for the institutions and activities of the state religion may be established by law.”

So, we have ambitious formally stated goals and an organizational structure that could accomodate thousands of citizen members. In theory, Antoninia could become a Pagan version of the Vatican in size and cultural influence. Unfortunately, “could be” and “is” are two very different things. Antoninia is a very tiny group and has never really moved from theory to practical reality. We have four official citizen members at the present time. We have issued two coins in honor of the Gods. These coins have had a very small but widespread circulation, from Europe to Australia. We have sent an official letter to the appropriate dicasteries of the Vatican City State informing them of our existence.

Not a very great accomplishment for eleven years, but we are persisting.

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