Return of the Phantom Empire

Yes, it’s back! The Antonine Imperium, after being absent for over a year, once again has an Internet presence! The new home of the Imperium is right here on this blog. Scroll down to the Antonine pages on the right and you will find information about the Empire of Antoninia, its purpose and intention, its citizens, and the coins it has produced in honor of the Gods. You will even find a picture of me at the bottom of the Notitia Dignitatum page in full imperial regalia.

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  1. This pleases me immensely!

  2. Is this site still active!?

    • Yes, we are still here, if not very active at the moment. What’s your interest? Are you interested in becoming a citizen?

      • Shot in the dark here perhaps but does anyone still man this? I’ve got some interest in the Hekate coins but I’ve tried to find some active contact for 2 days with no luck.

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