The Scroll of Poppaeus

So, here I am with a blog, wondering what to do next.

So, on November 12 I decided that this was not going to work and erased everything.

Then on November 13 I decided to try again and restored everything.

As originally stated, this is the blog of Quintus Poppaeus Sabinus, the name I prefer to use for my cultural and religious activities. I am an adherent of Classical Polytheistic Paganism, the syncretic blend of Greek and Roman religion that was the primary religious system of the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial eras. I am also interested  in Egyptian religion and Graeco-Egyptian syncretism.

I have a considerable interest in the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, and Egypt, and particularly in temples and sacred art.  

This blog is also an Internet outpost of Antoninia, the Antonine Imperium, a sort of phantom pagan empire that I created a while back.

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  1. Most excellent! I look forward to whatever you feel like sharing here!

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